Is it bad to use a wrong holster for a gun?

Someone Googled that question and Google sent them on to me; my WordPress Dashboard tells me these things. As a result of my experiences yesterday, I now know the answer to that person’s question. As a bit of background, I’ve been trying to find comfortable concealed carry holsters that work with nice outfits. I don’t want to have to wear baggy, saggy pants. I don’t want to have to wear mu-mu tops. And this desire lead me to stealing all of GB’s holsters and laying them on my bed while closet shopping for the perfect church outfit yesterday.

I decided to wear my LA Police gear carry belt with a Don Hume holster I found in GB’s collection. My gun stayed put, didn’t wobble around or feel loose and it didn’t print. I did have to wear a looser top than I wanted to wear, but it wasn’t as baggy as some shirts I’ve had to wear with other holsters we own. I wore it through Sacrament Meeting, Primary Sharing Time and Sunbeams. I cooked and ate dinner with it on. Even curled up on the couch with it on, I was that comfortable with it. Then, GB asks if I’ve tried drawing with that holster because when he carried in that holster, he’d draw the entire holstered gun. I said, yes. It’s difficult, but it’s doable, see?

I went to draw my gun and… nothing happened. My Bersa was firmly, firmly holstered in that Don Hume leather holster. Crap. GB had to (carefully) yank the gun out of the holster for me. With GB’s floppy holsters or his reinforced cloth holsters I’ve not had any problem. But this leather holster? Wow! That thing loved my gun a little too much.

I guess the answer to the question that someone asked Google and that I should have asked Google is this: depends on the gun, depends on the holster.Try at your own risk. 🙂

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