FREE Gun eBooks!!

The Rifleman posted over on his blog that Google offers several eBooks about guns for free. The books range from how-tos ┬áto military guides and NRA reports. They’re all older books; that’s why they’re free. To check out the list that The Rifleman compiled, go to his blog. I spend a delicious morning downloading all of the books suggested. Do I have an eReader? Nope. I plan to put these all on GB’s new Nook. Bwahahahaha.


  • Drang says:

    Good catch!
    Note that .PDFs don’t generally do well on e-readers, especially page scans; if the file is available in EPUB format–at least one is–try that instead.

    Another option is the freeware Calibre e-book management program, which can do conversions from one format to another, although it probably won’t work w/aforementioned page scans.

    • girlsloveguns says:

      Thanks for the info on EPUB vs. .PDF. I downloaded them all in .PDF originally, but went back and got the EPUBs where they were offered. I tried Calibre, it’s a cool program, although it had conversion issues with everything I tried to convert. It especially didn’t like .PDFs that were in columns. Oh well. I asked for a Nook for Christmas. If I get one, it’ll be a good tool to have.

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