Appleseed Memories

Tonight, I’m stressing out about final exams, presentations and papers due. One of my economics papers is on ammunition supply, demand and the business cycle. Thinking of ammo, and wishing school wasn’t such a time-sucker in my life right now and that I could focus on more things ammo related, lead me down a reminiscent road tonight…

In May 2010, I attended my first Appleseed shoot in Gardnerville, Nevada. The most prominent thing I learned during those three days was trigger control.

In August 2010, I attended my second Appleseed shoot at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Facility, California. My breakthrough of the shoot was realizing that I finally could get my elbow under my rifle and that I achieved a natural point of aim in prone.

In October 2010, I attended my third Appleseed shoot again in Gardnerville, Nevada. This shoot was monumental for me because while my first two shoots were all about me, in this third shoot, I was able to help others: I correctly read a fellow shooter’s target, I learned how to be a Line Safety Officer and I was able to help a young female shooter with extractor problems get more shots downrange when I became her pseudo-extractor.

When’s my fourth shoot? 😉 I can’t wait.

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