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  • Deputy Sam Brownlee was shot three times with his own gun Tuesday when a car-theft suspect grabbed the weapon during a struggle with the officer, Weld County Sheriff John B. Cooke said Wednesday.
    An Evans police officer returned fire, fatally wounding the 20-year-old suspect, who died about six hours later at a hospital.
    The sheriff recounted the tragic death of the 43-year-old Brownlee, a well-respected five-year member of the department.
  • Prior to June 28th of this year, neither he nor anyone else between the ages of 18 and 20 had any recourse. That all changed of course when the United States Supreme Court issued a decision stating that every US Citizen (and legal resident alien) who isn't a convicted felon or drug user has a right to own a handgun throughout the United States. Since the Congress has not seen fit to repeal the 1968 law, James A D'Cruz filed suit in Federal Court to have the law declared unconstitutional.
    Enter the Brady Bunch. They know this case is a slam-dunk win before the US Supreme Court. Unable to prevail in court, the Brady Bunch issued a press release attacking the character of James A D'Cruz. Claiming that it was dangerous and reckless for persons his age to be able to carry a handgun, omitting the fact that it is already legal for persons between 18 and 21 to carry a handgun; they go on to describe comments on his Facebook page as angry and violent. 
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