Discreet Carry: New Holster & Cyber Monday FREE Shipping

Women's Deep Concealed Carry Holster by Discreet Carry

Pepper of Discreet Carry sent me the following email: “We have listed a new holster design on eBay to test the water. It is made for women who engage in strenuous activity requiring a very stable fit, and guns with a little more weight. This may be a step up from the cleavage for bigger guns. Each holster will have a shape to accommodate the type of gun. Pictured in the listing is a holster made for a pocket pistol.”

I haven’t worn this holster before, only the men’s version of it, but just from reading the description and checking out the pictures, I love it! I’m picturing that this holster can change female CCW. Now a lady can get away from how uncomfortable waistband carry can be and she can get a holster that is customized for her body and her gun without breaking the bank. This holster will distribute the weight of her gun across her ribcage and over both shoulders. She won’t feel the gun pulling at her body or clothes lopsidedly. The straps can be worn straight or criss-crossed in the back so even racer-back tops are in. Shoot, a girl with the right physique can even go bra-less and still have a gun under her shirt. I can’t pull that off, but I’m sure someone out there can.

I know what I want for Christmas.

In celebration of Cyber Monday, here’s a link to their eBay store. Read the description and check out more pictures. If you buy, remember Discreet Carry offers free shipping on their eBay store purchases!


  • James says:

    I like the idea of the belly band holsters, but I really don’t understand the idea of trying to conceal a Kel Tec or something similar in such a fashion. My P3at easily slipped in my pocket. I had a clip on the side of it so the gun actually just looked like a folding knife in my pocket.

    Of course, I do not recommend any woman ever buying a p3at, but still…..

    • girlsloveguns says:

      For guys, I’d wonder why someone would conceal a pocket holster in a fancy get-up when they could just pocket it. But for women, I get it. Most of our clothes, such as skirts, slacks, and some of our jeans, don’t have pockets. Or if they do, they’re either sewn shut and are only for decoration or they’re so small even pocket change can’t be carried in there. For example, the slacks I’m wearing to work today have pocket flaps, but no pockets!

      I wonder if I could get away using a pocket clip to secure a tiny gun to my bra cup? Women keep cell phones, money, etc. in there– Why not a gun?

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