Concealed Carry Cover Garment

My outfi

Once a week after work GB and I go grocery shopping. I can’t  conceal carry to work due to their anti-gun policies, so before we head out the door for shopping, I take a minute to strap on my gun. Frequently my work outfit won’t accommodate concealed carrying. Here’s an example of that. In the first picture you can see that my shirt comes down past my waist and its tails are below crotch-level.From the side, notice how my shirt comes more than halfway down my butt. And yet, the length on this shirt isn’t enough to conceal carry a Bersa Thunder 9mm PRO UC.

From the side

If I were to lift my arms over my head, maybe to get something down from a high shelf at the store (and they’re all high shelves when you’re as short as I am), I’d flash my gun. Ugh. That’s not concealed enough to be conceal carrying and it’s not open enough to be open carrying.

I hate coming home from work and changing every week before I go shopping. GB hates it too, like all guys dislike waiting on a woman.

Reaching for something.

Well, I found the solution to my dilemma. It’s called a “Mini Midriff” shirt. I’m not even sure though that it should be called a shirt because it’s only half of one… the bottom half. If I had a brown one in my closet, I could have added the shirt to my outfit easily. I like this idea because I’ve already got enough clothes on. In the photo, I’m wearing a bra, my garment top and the brown and teal stripped shirt. I don’t want to add a cover-my-gun shirt to the mix. That’d make 3.5 top layers on (the bra only counts as 0.5). I’m pudgy enough without adding the extra bulk of too many clothes. And while it’s not too painful now, Nevada desert summers do not permit layers.

The Mini Midriff by Molly's Clothing. Photo courtesy of

Here’s a description of the Mini Midriff from the manufacturer’s website:

“Coverage is key. The Mini Midriff adds length where you need it. Perfect to wear under stylish, shorter-length tops without the needless bulk or bother of a full undershirt. You’ll stay covered with complete freedom of movement. The Mini Midriff is part of our complete Molly’s “Mini” Line, created to accentuate your existing wardrobe and work with today’s hottest fashions.

• Comfort fit • Stays put for complete freedom of movement
• Durable, silky material • Fade-resistant colors designed to go with any style • Machine washable”

As soon as I can get some pocket money together, I plan on purchasing one in black and one in chocolate. When I do, I’ll let you know how they worked for me as a concealed carry cover garment.


  • Nancy says:

    that mini midrifft is the kind of shirt I wore when I was pregnant to cover up my tummy when my shirts no longer functioned well in that respect. I never thought to convert them to concealed carry helpers. Great Idea.

    • girlsloveguns says:

      I think Molly’s Clothing designed these, and all of their layering items, to cover places clothes used to cover just a few years ago so that we can all go outside without being half-naked. Even though half-naked seems to be in style right now!

      It really helps to have these and the half shirts called Mini Mollys because I need to layer so I’m not showing things I don’t want to show, but I don’t need extra warmth and bulk that layers give.

      Now that you mention the maternity idea, I’m thinking that it might be cheaper to pick up a maternity-designed one at Wally World. And since they’re designed to stretch, the gun pushing and rubbing against the fabric might not wear it out as quickly.

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