Marlin 60/795 Accessories, Aftermarket items, Mods, etc.

Oops. I wrote this awhile back and forgot to post it. Duh! It’s still relevant though. 🙂

For Marlin owners out there… What all would your do to your Marlin rifle if you had an unlimited product line from Tacticool22 to choose from? Please comment with your answers and if you’ve seen forum postings or other blogs asking this question, please send me the link to that as well.

Jody with Tacticool 22 has emailed me and ask me to make a list of everything I’d like to see them make for the Marlin, even the off-the-wall ideas. I need help making a list. This is what I’ve come up with so far, in layman’s terms. If there are technical terms for what I’m saying, please let me know.


  • Adjustable stock (with sling studs and in several colors)
  • Youth stock (with sling studs and in several colors)
  • Folding stock (with sling studs and in several colors)
  • Stock with weight in the front end (with sling studs and in several colors)
  • Regular stocks (with sling studs available in colors and woods)
  • Pistol grip stock (with sling studs and in several colors)

Other stuff:

  • Better bolt handle
  • Better trigger guard
  • Better mag release, ie actually drops the mag when you push it
  • Trigger mods, ie make the trigger pull smoother and lighter
  • Better mags, ie actually drop when you push mag release
  • Bigger mags
  • Clear mags
  • Offset sight mounts
  • Cheek rests


  • Liberty Training Rifle Appleseed kit
  • Left-handed shooter conversion kits


  • Amos says:

    Hmmm – how about a scout-style stock, adjustable for length and drop, with storage for magazines, bipod, ching-sling swivels (or at least obvious attachment points for same), and mounts for a forward mounted scope.

    I always wanted to see what the fuss was about, but not enough to spend the money on a weird looking rifle.

  • ter says:

    25+ mags for marlin model 795

  • deeg says:

    what i want is a aftermarket threaded Receiver that would fit any 10/22 barrel so that way we wont have to screw with the tapped barrel it has now that is a total bitch to change

  • Lyndsy Simon says:

    Sometimes, the classics are the best. I’ll take a simple Marlin 39 any day of the week over the latest-and-greatest.

    Slap a solid receiver sight on there, and I’m good out to 150 yards.

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