I have a concealed-carry-loving groupie!!

I want to write a quick shout-out to a fellow blogger, Lokidude. He writes Redneck Command and reads Tractor Tracks. Tractor Tracks recently wrote about how frustrating it can be as a female trying to conceal carry without looking frumpy, butch or pregnant. She writes:

” Let’s face it, if you’re a man, you can probably get away with throwing a wild-ass Hawaiian print shirt over a t-shirt, and you’re good. Your wife or girlfriend may sigh, but it’s not that big a deal.

Women, on the other hand, have further considerations. I’m not the best fashionista, but even I know that there are times when being baggy and loose may be comfy but probably isn’t the best choice. Not to mention, if you’re doing it all the time, people start thinking of you as “butch” and that may not be the impression you’d like to send.”

All of us concealed carrying chicks have felt as annoyed with the form-fitting, see-through, too short, no belt-loops, no usable pockets clothes on the market for women today as Tractor Tracks wrote about feeling. But here’s where the shout-out to Lokidude comes in. He wrote in the comments on Tractor Tracks’ entry that there are other female bloggers out there with the same issue who are writing about how they’ve overcome it. That’s right, Lokidude pimped out my blog for me!

Thanks Lokidude! I appreciate being given as a reference and I am glad for the chance to be introduced to new blogs as well. I hadn’t read either Lokidude‘s Redneck Command or Tractor Tracks before. Although I intend to be a regular reader (as soon as I can get my life back from school and the holidays (oy!)).


  • I am very, very glad that this all happened. I have read through your entries that fall under “discreet carry” and now I’ve sent off an order for a holster for my wife.

    In fact my credit card hasn’t even cooled down yet and I’m considering another.

    After Christmas, perhaps I’ll write a post on my blog about the holster/gift.

    I’ve added you to my blog roll. (http://violentindifference.blogspot.com/ ) Thank you again for your reviews!

    • girlsloveguns says:

      Cool! Glad you found a holster for your wife! Thank you for adding me to your blog roll; that’s very kind of you. I’ll hop over to the admin side and add you to mine too.

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