How to evaluate Tactical Pants

So, as you all know, sent me a pair of their tactical pants to try out and review. I wore these pants everywhere… work, church, school, holiday shopping (it’s a jungle out there), wedding shopping (tactical pants make Bridezilla even more formidable, the range, while concealed carrying, while open carrying, around the house and more. I wanted to make sure these pants could do anything and go anywhere and that they wouldn’t wear harshly or fade when washed a lot. The try out is done and I’m formulating my thoughts.

I’ve been thinking of ways to evaluate tactical pants. I’m new to writing reviews and so whenever I review a product I haven’t done one of its type before, I have to come up with a new template to review the product completely and keep me on track. How does one evaluate tactical pants? Well, that depends on how does one expect to use the tactical pants? Where do we want to wear them? What do we want to do in them? I came up with this list:

In tactical pants, I want to…


  • Look good
  • Feel good
  • Blend in anywhere


My tactical pants should make ________ easy and comfortable.

  • Concealed carry
  • Open carry
  • Walking, jogging, running
  • Jumping, climbing
  • Crawling, squatting down, bending over
  • Sitting, standing

Did I miss anything? What do you look for in your tactical pants purchases?


  • What do I look for in tactical pants? They need to have decent belt loops for a good gun belt and also, not come up under my arms. Really … I wore Woolrich’s model and felt like Benjamin Franklin with my pants pulled up to armpit level.

    I agree with the moving part. Good thing you tried them out while shopping.

    Is it possible for tactical pants to blend in? I expect pockets and double knee pad thingeys and I don’t think that really lends itself to the skinny jean look. Or Editor’s pants from Express.

    • girlsloveguns says:

      I noticed that not very many brands of tactical pants sport the lower waistlines that are popular now. These lower rises have been in style for a long time already, why they are so slow to adapt to fashion is beyond me. I’m short anyway, so I really can’t stand mid or high rise pants; they end up near my bra band!

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