links for 2010-12-30

  • After being shot last weekend in the shoulder with a BB gun allegedly by a feuding Golden Valley neighbor, Josie the Australian cattle dog is recovering nicely, her owner said.
  • Ed Beaumont wonders if he owes his life to old gunpowder or an “obtuse angle.” Or maybe it was just luck that prevented a bullet from piercing Beaumont's chest just above his heart Sunday night.
  • Had an interesting conversation with my Barber the other day, he knows I carry and we have even went shooting together before. Out of respect for his private property I asked him if he minds me carrying in his shop which is attached to his home. I was surprised by his response. He said no I don't mind at all actually I look forward to when you come because I know you are carrying and would step in if anything went bad. Not the answer I was expecting. At this point I asked how he felt about me open carrying. Again didn't care at all. So now I'm looking forward to start educating some people about there rights are the barber shop. Need to print more flyers. Do you guys or gals open carry at any of the shops you frequent, and what the response been?
  • Megan Reppond was at a slumber party on Monday night when one of her friends saw a .38-caliber handgun sitting out on a piano. The teen picked up the handgun, pointed it at 14-year-old Megan and pulled the trigger. Reppond was shot in the head.

    On Tuesday morning, she was removed from life support, according to KOAM-TV. It's a sad, sad story that brings back all of the warnings about not pointing a gun at someone and pulling the trigger, especially if you're not sure if the gun is loaded.

    The words of caution also extend to adults, who should know better than leaving guns where children might find them.

  • My problem with carrying concealed weapons is that the wrong people invariably carry them. Who thinks he or she needs to go to the grocery store with a loaded firearm?
  • A spokeswoman for the department said three men approached a fourth man and attempted to rob him. The victim, who had a concealed weapons permit, pulled out his own gun and shot one of the robbers.

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