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  • roots go back to a day when I had a receiver shipped to my office. A pair of curious workers, knowing my hobby decided to "take a peek" while not opening the package. They CAT scanned it and sent me the image via our instant messaging system as I was working off site that day. Well, here is that very first crude image they acquired.
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  • "I was quite startled, especially when he introduced himself as tied to the people involved in the Mont Vernon murder, and when he said there was someone else with him," said Hansen, a Republican representing District 6. "At the time I was not armed, but I did have a permit for my personal protection. I retrieved my gun and held him there and called the police."
  • The man named in the lawsuit, Wayne Smith, has been a lawful permanent resident since 1979 after moving to the United States from the United Kingdom. Smith had been granted a permit four times previously, including once after the rule changed in 2002. He was denied on his most recent renewal this summer when officials discovered he was not a U.S. citizen.
  • A security guard at a university hospital said he and the other officer, a member of the university’s police force, were suspended after they made public an internal memo stating that no one can carry weapons openly on the campus, with or without a concealed-carry permit. Utah’s Supreme Court has ruled that the university is not exempt from a state law that allows permit holders to carry weapons in public. But advocacy groups differ over whether the law means the weapons must be concealed or simply allows them to be concealed.
  • A University of Utah police officer and security guard are on paid administrative leave for allegedly revealing a memo meant specifically for University police on how to deal with those openly carrying firearms on campus.
  • The short of it is this. Some men are bent on destruction, their end goal is to inflict mental and physical trauma on people, make widows and orphans and take the lives of children from their parents. Know your target, accurately assess the crisis at hand and engage. Men and women who aren't willing to stand up and fight to safe guard life are in the way of those who are.
  • But here’s the thing about the privileged Ms. Twain employing armed guards (lawbreaking or otherwise) in the first place—she’s a big advocate of infringements against those of us who can’t afford an armed security presence and must rely on being our own first line of defense.
  • In an e-mail to WISN 12 news, Wisconsin Carry said "the officers used an unlawful threat of deadly force and the officers proceeded to, without reasonable suspicion or probable cause that any crime had occurred, conduct an illegal and unconstitutional search of our member's person and car."
  • Police are asking for the public's help after about 40 guns were stolen from a Lowell home.
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  • The Brooklyn thug whose botched beauty parlor robbery ended with an off-duty cop shooting the gun out of his hand faces 40 years to life in prison after his indictment on attempted murder charges, prosecutors revealed today.
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  • The 10 Commandments of Concealed Carry, by Massad Ayoob.
  • I myself enjoy shooting small pocket pistols, so I shoot them often and as a result have gotten good at shooting them. However, here stands one essential caveat. Ultra-compact .32 and .380 ACP pocket pistols are not easy to shoot well. They require training and practice. One cannot escape physics. Tiny light guns bark and buck. People with big hands often complain that they cannot get a good grip on them given the fact that the grips are short and thin. Also, the sights on most of these pistols, if they even have sights, are tiny and difficult to use in the reactive situations for which these defensive pistols were designed. Once again, training and practice are the orders of the day.
  • You see, when I carry, I have the peace-of-mind thing nailed. I know, carrying a concealed weapon, that I’ve covered the bases as far as being prepared (as much as one individual can be) for the bad stuff that can happen to good people. I also have the safety thing down. I’ve trained myself to be consciously competent regarding gun safety. And then there’s the anxiety thing…conceal carrying (especially outside your home state) is a challenge. I’m in a constant state of apprehension, as I don’t want to do ANYthing that violates a law, and risk getting my CHL pulled. THAT would be a bad thing.
  • I survived the shooting at Virginia Tech in 2007. Student Seung-Hui Cho shot me in my hips, shoulder and knee. I've recovered from my injuries and I have come away with new perspectives on life and our country.

    Permitting guns on campuses is simply a reaction to dangerous situations that come together due to failures in multiple areas of our society. It won't make it less likely that horrible tragedies will occur again.

  • "We've been successful in driving down gun violence, [but] when it comes to gun violence, it's very tough," Lanier said. "We always say shots fired – just because it's not a homicide doesn't mean it's not a dangerous crime. Any time there's a shot fired by a firearm in this city, it's concerning to us."
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  • A pro-gun group is up in arms so to speak because some Arkansas colleges prohibit students from carrying concealed weapons on campus. State law allows concealed weapons on campus, but not in college and university buildings and events. The gun group, Arkansas Carry, demands that the state Higher Education Department end this discrimination against gun-toting students. If others may carry guns, so should students, the group says.
  • Brady Campaign board member Joan Peterson’s most recent post relates the famous parable of the three blind men trying to identify an elephant by touching it, and of course each only touches a small area and comes away with a different impression of what an elephant looks like. Is that how we all look at the gun issue? From our own limited experiences? How else could we?
  • Police enforced Shannon's Law on New Year’s Eve, the Arizona law that makes it illegal to shoot a gun in the air.
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  • "Unfortunately, we have a lot of gun crime in Durham," said Angela Ashby, Durham's police forensics manager. "The faster we can get information out to investigators, out to police officers, the faster they're going to make arrests and get guns off the street, get suspects off the street."
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  • Defenseless victims within a “gun-free zone”: 68 murdered, 69 injured. KSIs where the murderers encountered armed resistance: five murdered, 10 injured. Time and time again, when a civilian is armed in a violent public situation, he, she or them can at least limit the carnage. Time and time again, when they’re not, the police arrive too late to stop the killing.

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