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  • John Cox says:

    Wow, glad to have read this. I am glad that someone has taken the time to address issues such as this. We never think about where the opposite sex will carry concealed. With more and more women today taking the course and getting their CCW, it stands to reason that some people never think about where they are going to carry their sidearm until after they get the permit. Don’t worry, I’m not being sexist, men do it too. I did.

    I can’t stand to hear anyone tell a woman that she shouldn’t carry concealed or even carry a gun at all. The stereotype over the years is that women are scared and the only thing scarier than that is a scared woman with a gun. In my opinion, there are men that are scared to but they just won’t admit it. I think we need to address women as much if not more than we do men when we’re talking about drawing, aiming, practicing and suggestions on what kind of gun/caliber, to carry.

    John Cox
    Administrator/Owner: East Coast Shooters

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