Give me Some Tactical Action!

My 24-7 Series Lightweight Tactical Pants should make ________ easy and comfortable.


  • Concealed carry: Concealed carry is super-awesome in these pants!!! In

    24-7 Series Lightweight Tactical Pants in black. Photo credit:

    fact, that might not be enough exclammation points. Here’s some more: !!! The reasons why concealed carry works so well with these pants is that the 24-7 Series Lightweight Tactical Pants from are made to accomodate such a large and stiff belt as the belt I carry with and these pants fit well around the waist. Because these pants have an elastic waistband, the pants accomodate the gun without taking any space away from my belly as happens with other pants this stiff which don’t have the elastic panel. Concealed carry in these pants might not be 100% concealed however. No they don’t flash, print, or show off my gun in any way, but other people familiar with the look of tactical pants might presume I am carrying. For example, I saw a guy in similar pants at the Bank of America ATM near my work and I scoped him up and down looking for his gun. If I’m doing it, other people probably are too.

  • Open carry: Open carry is easy in these pants because of the large belt loops. The gun sits at a good place on my hip due to the great waistband and appropriate length of rise on these pants. The authoritative nature of these pants helps many people to feel more comfortable with me open carrying. They presume I work somewhere which requires a gun. Those of us know know that pants don’t automatically make someone a security guard, cop, military woman, etc. look at me cockeyed for open carrying in such an intense outfit.
  • Walking, jogging, running: Walking, jogging and running in these pants is doable as long as you keep in mind that they require a little bit more force to get them moving because they are so darn stiff. I expect some of the stiffness of this fabric to relax over time, but they are not stretchy in any way. They do not give like a good pair of jeans does. Additionally, when doing anything involving the movement of your legs, keep in mind, especially if your thighs fight for space like mine do, everyone will be able to hear you coming. These pants swoosh when you walk. I was able to get away with wearing these pants in a quiet office all day and no one said a word, but I felt self-conscious as my wooshing filled my ears. On trips out shopping, I found that the pants noise wasn’t audible over the noise of the other shoppers however.
  • Jumping, climbing: Jumping in these pants was easy, as was climbing. The stretch in the waist band came in handy while climbing over fences, etc. I was able to get my thigh above my hips easily. One tiny oops was that these pants gap a little bit in the waistband above my rear when I have one leg up high on a climbing wall. The harness I wear when I rock climb at the gym kept the gap from getting very large and replicating the movement at home in front of a mirror revelaed the gap isn’t severe enough to flash crack at anyone and wearing a belt solves the problem.
  • Crawling, squatting down, bending over: Crawling, squatting down and bending over all went very smoothly. Crawling was much like climbing, only horizontal instead of vertical so the same ease of movement was there as was that same gap in the back of the pants. The gap was also visible when bending at the knees, back straight as if I were going to lift something heavy off of the floor. Wearing a belt solves this problem. As I presume most of you will be carrying, the gap won’t bother you since you’ll have your belt on.
  • Sitting, standing: Standing still in these pants was comfortable to me, however sitting was not. The heavy-duty seams which I praised for their durability have a negative side-effect: when I sit down and my thighs spread horizontally as they tend to do, the seams dig into my legs. It wasn’t a painful feeling, but it did feel quite unpleasant. The feeling became less severe as the day of wearing them wore on; I don’t know if I became used to the sensation or if the pants loosened throughout the day. Fashion and function both on these pants are stellar and I’m not sure that a little bit of pain outweighs the gain, but I still felt uncomfortable enough while seated to be sure to include that bit of information here.

Summary: The pants are very well made. I couldn’t find an activity to do in them that wearing these pants instead of jeans or slacks made the activity harder to do or uncomfortable. They are made of a stiff fabric, but the elastic in the waistband helps to overcome that. These pants HELP me to not leave my gun at home rather than encourage me to leave it behind as some of the other pants in my wardrobe do.

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