Carrying with Round Chambered

When I first started carrying a gun (open carry, I didn’t have my concealed carry weapons permit yet), I open carried an empty gun. I was nervous about open carrying and not confident in my ability to draw and fire safely. I didn’t open carry with a round chambered, I didn’t even open carry with a loaded magazine. I carried a magazine loaded in my pocket ready to switch out. I would have been open carrying a useless gun if I had been attacked; I knew that. But I also knew I needed to work on how comfortable I felt around guns and how safely I could open carry before graduating myself to first a loaded mag and empty chamber and finally to a loaded mag, round chambered. I now carry as I should and I have the option to conceal carry as well. This video demonstrates how important it is to carry your firearm, open or concealed, with a round chambered. If you’re not yet doing that, work yourself up to it for your own safety and the safety of your loved ones and others around you.


  • JP says:

    Glad you worked your way to carrying your firearm with it ready to go. An unloaded gun might as well have been left at home.

  • Watching the video it appears that she lost the engagement long before the video starts. She adopts a purely reactive stance against an unknown person bothering her. I think instead she should have gone after him verbally to force him to keep his distance. She failed the “interview” where he sizes her up for his attack.

    I think that a loud “get back” or just a simple “No!” projected to carry the length of the street would have helped her maintain her distance. It would also have helped her justify the early transition to lethal force.

  • Jake says:

    Sean: While I agree with you on the situational handling, I’d also say that is outside the scope of this video – the purpose is simply to illustrate the differences between carrying with and without a round chambered.

    That being said, it’s not a complete fail. She’s caught in a corner, but the situation still starts off at ‘polite’ conversational distance for strangers. As he edges closer she backs up and reaches for her weapon – but she cannot actually draw at this point because he has not shown a weapon or made any overt or verbal threat (or I assume he has not – that again is outside the scope of the video, so there’s no actual dialogue).

  • Bill says:

    This issue has been covered in a much more comprehensive way elsewhere.

    As I understand it, it is widely acknowledged that anyone within 20 feet will be able to make physical contact with a victim before they can get a shot off if they do not perceive the threat until that distance has been reached.

    20 FEET, not 3-5 feet, 20 FEET!

    It simply requires situational awareness at all times.

  • hey rakes says:

    Wait, but, California says it is safer to carry empty. Now they can’t be wrong, can they?

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