24-7 Series Tactical Pants

These pants are stiff.

I’ve worn them for months now and washed them between each use. They still are tough and don’t appear to be faded at all. Is my laundry detergent just that awesome or are these pants built to last?

I answered my own question at the thrift store where I discovered two pairs of 24-7 Series Tactical Pants. One is black and the other is blue. The are obviously worn and there is some fading and some softness of fabric, but I can tell from seeing this pair worn so often that someone judged them too worn to keep, that these pants LAST.

Even these two pair of pants, dropped off at the thrift store, still have plenty of life left in them. I’ll be excited to take these as well as my original pair of these pants to Appleseed Shoots as Nevada Appleseed starts getting in gear. I’ll have pockets for pens, staple guns, staples and magazines situated on the sides of my thighs. This is awesome! Because of that little feature, I’ll be able to shoot prone, fully geared without any discomfort of laying on a staple gun that happens in pants without side pockets.

I love tactical pants.

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