Potential Concealed Carry Law Changes for Nevada

Wednesday morning the Senate Judiciary Committee met about changing the concealed carry laws in Nevada. What’s interesting to me about the piece of legislation they discussed is that it’s pro-concealed carry and that it was introduced by a Democrat and a Republican working together. Cool!

If passed, the bill would allow concealed carry weapons permittees in Nevada to qualify for one revolver and then carry any revolver as well as qualify on one semi-automatic handgun and then carry any semi-auto. Now, we who want to be able to conceal carry multiple semi-automatic firearms, have to qualify on each one individually.

I qualified on three handguns when I took my CCW class: my Walther P22 (why not? It was my only handgun then), a Bersa Thunder 9 PRO and a Bersa Thunder .380. I borrowed the .380 from GB and fired the 9 belonging to a classmate after the instructor assumed we were together since we arrived at class at the same time and put us down to shoot each other’s guns. Since those are my only guns on my permit, I’m limited to carrying them even though the P22 doesn’t offer much protection, the .380 is unreliable and pokes me terribly and the 9 is heavy for me, has a first-shot double-action that’s hard for me to pull smoothly and is difficult to conceal. There are other guns in the house, but I can’t try out carrying them outside of my house without first getting them added to my permit.

But adding guns to my permit drives up the cost of a CCW  permit, which was already uber-expensive at $110 plus the cost of class, ammo and of course the gun(s). Many concealed carry weapons permit course instructors charge extra for extra guns on the permit when you first get it and if more guns are later acquired, the permittee has to arrange for range time with an instructor and compensate the instructor for the time out of their day. Then, the person has to pay for a new permit at the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office is a very busy place. I had to wait a long time to get my permit initially. To save my time  and money and that of the Sheriff’s Office too, this bill should pass.

There’s a well-balanced article on the happenings at the committee meeting available online at the Examiner.com. I liked the article because it pointed out the mis-statements by the one anti-bill person who spoke. Here’s a link to that article: CCW permit requirements under review by state Senate Judiciary Committee.

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  • James says:

    This is one of those areas in which Texas CHL laws do shine in comparison. I wish we had open carry like y’all, but when I want to carry something, I am not limited by what I could take to the range with me when I qualified (that might have taken a day or so, if I had to do 50 rounds through each handgun I thought I might carry). I simply choose a gun based on what clothes I plan to wear that day. Open carry would fix that, as I would love to walk around my neck of the woods with my old single-action .44 magnum in a leather holster on my hip. Only way I can carry that now is if I wear my duster jacket.
    Here’s to hoping they change that for you.

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