• snoopycomputer says:

    Show good cause? like “…carrying valuable possessions or a lot of money…” because, you know- defending life isn’t important enough, you have to be defending something MORE important, like money or things.
    Or, if you’re out an night more often. Because we all know smart criminals only strike in the middle of the night when victims are most expecting of attack.

    • falnfenix says:

      snoopy, at least people in California have a chance of getting a permit. in Maryland there’s almost no chance, even if there’s threats/attacks on record. if i applied, i would be lucky to get even a denial – most likely, the MSP would pocket my money and toss my application in the trash (this happens more frequently than anyone will admit). and i have an assault to my person on record!

  • James says:

    Women don’t *need* guns, silly. That’s what mens are for. If they just stayed in the kitchen, this wouldn’t be a problem!

    My solution? let the gal try both. The ol’ lady loves her Bersa, but also favors a S&W airweight.
    Due to her ex husband, she is an excellent example of why more women should be armed and prepared. A true feminist is one who doesn’t need the protection of the government, but provides her own.

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