Carrying While Caring: Babysitting and Concealed Carry

I babysat for a family in my ward recently. I bought with me to their home a strong feeling of love for their children, a sense of fun and adventure and my gun. I carried it in a holster made by Discreet Carry. It is the DCH-1 holster, typically used by men. I turn the holster from the armpit area as men tend to use it until the holster sits just below my breasts and is aligned to the center of my chest. In this way, my holster is situated in the “rain shadow” of the girls where it is not visible. I can carry kids on either hip and piggy-back style with no little feet catching my gun or holster.

We cuddled during movies and I hugged and rocked the criers of the crew. None of the kids noticed my gun and as you all know, kids don’t keep quiet about awkward things. They would have no qualms asking me why my belly is so poky or asking what hard thing I have under my shirt. My holster worked perfectly. I could move and bend as I needed to, it wasn’t in the way at all and it kept concealed carry concealed.

No misadventures were experienced that night: no home invasions or rabid dog attacks. But if the stuff had hit the fan in that strange home, at night, in an unknown neighborhood, with vulnerable children in my stewardship, I was properly equipped to respond to the situation. And I’m glad for that. I love those kids and I don’t want anything to happen to them.

Concealed carry: it’s worth it.

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