links for 2011-03-19


  • Mark Rowland via Facebook says:

    a convicted rapist and killer. why the hell is’nt he in prison???? another reason why it should be legal to carry on american campuses. this could have been avoided and the world would have one less scumbag on the streets.

  • Ron Sims via Facebook says:

    Biela hadn’t been convicted of anything at the time of the attack on the woman who testified. He was actively preying on victims on and around UNR and progressively becoming bolder and more violent. The entire point of her testimony is that she had both a ccw and a firearm but was forced by statute to NOT carry on campus. Had she been carrying she would have had a fighting chance and possibly prevented his crime spree from continuing and Brianna Dennison might still be alive today.
    The morale of the story is that gun laws that restrict legal adults from CCW actually costs lives.

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