How to Change the Name on Your Concealed Carry Weapons Permit

I got my CCW shortly after my divorce and under my ex-husband’s last name. I didn’t go through the trouble of changing my name back to my maiden name because I didn’t really mind going by my ex-husband’s name and it made my church life and my work life easier.

But I’ve since remarried to a wonderful, wonderful man and I wanted to take this last name. For him, the name change hassle is worth it. I absolutely love him and my new last name! Part of changing my name was, of course, updating my CCW with the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department. Unfortunately, their webpage is sparce and doesn’t detail the process or give a form to fill out. I called Lisa Lane (775-328-3348), the CCW guru at the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department and asked her what the proceedure is.

She said that I needed to send in or bring by a $15 check or money order payable to the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office (911 Par Boulevard, Reno, Nevada 89512), a court document proving the name change (such as a copy of a certified marriage license or a divorce decree) and a signed letter with the following details:

  • Old name
  • New name
  • Reason for name change
  • Signature

Here’s a link to the template I created to use as I changed my name. I sent this in to the Sheriff’s Office to be processed along with my CCW addon for my new Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 38 special revolver. I went with the mail-in method because the Sheriff’s Office is only open when I’m at work. Those of you who are lucky enough to be able to go to the office and drop this information off will receive a new CCW permit instantly. For me, now… the waiting begins.

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