Shooting your husband is NOT an option!

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I was wandering around my local bookstore the other day and I saw this book. Its title made me laugh out loud: “Strangling your husband is NOT an option.” I laughed because it’s true! I’ve wanted to strangle my GB but no, it’s not an option. For us gun-owning wives, we can’t shoot our husbands either.

Shooting our husbands is NOT an option, even when they do something lead-worthy. A quick Google News search reveales women quite frequently shoot their men. So girls, check yourselves: are you feeling violent towards your husbands? If you are, ask yourself if his lead-worthy act is worth losing your gun rights and even your freedom forever. The answer is probably no. But if you’re still seething, it might be time to lock up the guns and hand off your safe keys to a trust-worthy friend who will keep them for you until you’ve regained your senses.

If you’re leery about giving your safe keys to anyone, and I don’t blame you, another option is to lock up your safe key in a safety deposit box at your bank. This way, when you’re trying to work through whatever stupid thing he’s done and he puts his foot in his mouth (again), it will be harder for you to shoot his head off. You’ll just have to bite it off instead. Be careful what you say when you’re biting it off, however. I know someone who had his guns taken away because he told someone that “they ought to be shot.”

When things have calmed back down at home and you’re not in danger of saying or doing anything that would cause you to lose your guns or your liberty, you can get your key back from its keeper, weather its keeper is a good friend or the local branch of your bank. Better safe than sorry ladies; if you’re feeling homicidal, lock up your guns! Don’t end up one of the 100+ “wife shoots husband” hits on Google News.

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