links for 2011-05-11

  • If you are confronted by a robber or robbers, police encourage that you give up your property without a struggle to increase your chance of avoiding violence. While citizens have a right to protect themselves and their property, authorities said that robbers most often just want to take your property and leave. Struggling or arguing with them will only increase your risk that they will harm you. It’s possible that while you may not believe they are armed, they may be concealing weapons.
    Police stressed that people be good witnesses and try to note the suspects’ physical descriptions, including their clothing, height, possible tattoos, scars or anything else distinguishable, including an accent. Also try to note their direction of travel and description of getaway vehicles.
  • Reno police are investigating the murder of a man who was shot during a robbery attempt.
    Police say the man was shot early Sunday morning while walking on California Avenue with another man and a woman.

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