Guns and Job Loss

My hubby lost his job. We are creatively making ends meet at the moment, but we can’t maintain our current lifestyle if he doesn’t find another job in the next month or so. If he doesn’t (and he is working his rear end off to make sure this doesn’t happen), our plan is to move to a small apartment in a bad neighborhood to help make up the income/expenses difference in our budget.

I am happy to have the guns we do have right now. They may come in handy because the area we can afford to move to should we have to move is high in crime and gang activity. Also, the lesser used ones may be sold to help pay bills/buy food. Guns are a good investment in good times that can be used in so many ways for the health and safety of the family in bad times. 🙂


  • Drang says:

    Oh no! Here’s hoping GB finds gainful employment soon! Note: Cabela’s and Scheels may be counterproductive… 😉

  • Theo says:

    Not sure if your hubbies status with work has changed or not (here’s hoping it has), but all I can say is if it hasn’t, cut back on every expense possible prior to choosing to move to a bad neighborhood, guns or no guns.

    • girlsloveguns says:

      We’re as far back to bare bones as we can go. Both of us are frugal and weren’t over-spending before, but we’re being even more careful now. It’s our debts that are killing us.

      For example, I have a car payment, a student loan and about $8,000 of my ex-husband’s debts that I “won” in the divorce. 😛

      GB’s been getting a lot of interviews, about two or three a week. Hopefully he’ll get something soon.

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