Guns and California

I need help. Someone I know who lives in California lost his right to own firearms when, in a small scuffle, he told someone that “they outta be shot.” The guy pressed charges, the judge sentenced this person to community service and to losing his guns for a period of time. He did his community service right away. The time specified has waaaaayyy more than passed and my friend wants his guns back. How does he go about doing this? Is it a difficult/expensive/time-consuming process? If you have any ideas, people, please let us know!

I was there for the aforementioned scuffle. He never was a danger and he’s fulfilled the judges orders. I’d like to see this man have his guns back. He’s always been safe with them, used them for deer hunting and shooting cans out back.


  • Dave says:

    This may sound snarky (and perhaps it is, a bit), but in all honesty, “Move out of California” is the best answer I can come up with.

    And I have even already followed my own advice.

    I’m a California native, and I’m deeply saddened at what’s happened to my state. I voted appropriately, paid taxes, wrote my uncaring representatives, nothing helped.

    I’ve since relocated to Oregon, where the gun laws are MUCH more reasonable. You just gotta get used to the slow drivers and the rain.

    • girlsloveguns says:

      I too am a Cali expatriate. That isn’t an option he would entertain, though. He’s living in the mountains, in his childhood home and the home in which he raised his family and he is too stubborn and sentimental to go anywhere.

      I think the Cali thing would follow him if he decided to leave anyway. Could be wrong about that though.

  • Monte says:

    First thing they should do is go here:
    There are a number of threads covering this exact topic, and there are a lot of knowledgeable people who can help out.

  • falnfenix says:

    has he contacted his lawyer about this?

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