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On Tuesday night, a couple of over 18 but still teens came over to my home. One, I had met previously, the other I was not familiar with. They talked to my husband about a video game we both play (World of Warcraft). Then, we got on the subject of guns. The guy I hadn’t met before this said that he grew up arond them and was saving up to buy an XD. My hubby offered to show off his XD. My hubby cleared the gun and handed it to his new gun friend. This person didn’t check the gun to make sure it was empty and he stuck his trigger finger inside the trigger guard while pointing the handgun at my neighbor’s front door.

I stepped in to give him a quick safety lesson. I began with how to check the weapon to make sure it was unloaded. He interrupted me and said he knew all of this. I explained that I was reviewing with him basic safety principles like checking to see if the gun is empty before handling it, keeping your trigger finger off of the trigger and pointing the handgun in a safe direction because I didn’t see him doing those things. The big one for me was that he put his finger inside the trigger guard on a gun he didn’t know wouldn’t fire. He seemed put out that I thought he needed a lesson in safety.

I’m a little bent inside that I embarassed the kid, that I may have been too hard on him. Probably nothing would have happend. But I did what I felt was necessary. Even if you “grew up around guns,” if you don’t follow basic safety principles, bad things can happen to you. Just that morning a gentleman in Arizona shot himself in the penis because he didn’t follow basic safety principles. I’m not gonna have that sort of blood and gore in my house if I can help it.

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  • DirtCrashr says:

    I think you did the right thing. I understand your feelings about possibly offending him too – we all want to be liked and being inoffensive allows that, but safety comes first.

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