links for 2011-08-23

  • When I started to carry a self-defense pistol, I tried many different holster styles: shoulder, IWB (in the waistband), ankle. None of them were comfortable, and none of them set my mind at ease that if I were ever in a situation where I had to defend myself, that I could draw quickly enough to do so. In my state, open carry isn't an option.
  • University of Richmond professor Laura Browder, author of "Her Best Shot: Women and Guns in America" says that the visibility of female hunters such as Sarah Palin in popular culture has lifted some of the stigma of gun ownership for most women ­- whether they use those guns for personal defense or for hunting. "Palin has brought women's gun ownership back into the public sphere in a way that it hasn't been," Browder said.
  • The claim
    Blaming recent wildfires on target shooters is unjustified because standard ammunition can't start fires.

    The background

    A number of recent wildfires have been blamed on target shooters, and readers called to say they didn't believe it.

    Clark Hesterlee of Sparks said he started shooting in the desert in 1946.

    He even tried to start a fire by shooting with his brother into a gulley filled with dried tumbleweeds that fed into a lake. They shot about 10 rounds into it, and nothing happened.

    "I've always wondered how they determine that it was by target shooting," Hesterlee said. "I don't think it's possible to do it with standard ammunition."

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