links for 2011-08-24

  • Two female bears were killed during the opening weekend of the first bear hunting season in state history, state wildlife officials said Sunday.

    One was shot in the Carson Range near Verdi west of Reno, while the other was taken in the Pine Nut Mountains near Minden south of Reno, said Chris Healy, spokeswoman for the Nevada Department of Wildlife. The hunter who bagged the bear in the Carson Range near Verdi used a pack of dogs to track the animal, Healy said.

  • It was around sundown Friday, police say, when Johnson stopped his truck near the reservoir about 8 miles into the hills off Sedge Road. Johnson told investigators he got out to urinate and handed the loaded rifle to Kelich on the passenger side. Scott was standing by the driver's door.

    Kelich told authorities his finger was on the trigger when he went to put the rifle down on the seat.

    At that point, the gun fired. A single shot went through the open door and struck Scott in the left side of his face, mortally wounding him.

    Johnson, who had his back to his friends at the time, said he spun around just in time to see Scott fall, the sheriff's report states.

    In a panic, Johnson jumped into his pickup and — with both his friends' cell phones still in the vehicle — raced alone out of the canyon, said Sheriff Ken Furlong.

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