Woolrich Elite Series Supports Project Valour-IT

Last week, I put up a picture of a memo from Woolrich Elite Series which stated that they’re going to, at the urging of the good folks of Gun Blogger Rendezvous, donate proceeds to help Soldier’s Angel’s Project Valour-IT…

Well, now we have all of the juicy details!

Woolrich Elite Series wants to give readers of Rendezvous bloggers a chance to help out Soldiers’ Angels – Project VALOUR-IT.  Through a partnership with one of their dealers, Woolrich Elite has created a private shopping page where fans can purchase the latest Woolrich Elite Series gear. Woolrich Elite will then donate 2% of the total sales back to Project VALOUR-IT!

“From the beginning, Woolrich has supported American servicemen and women. We’re proud to support the outstanding work of Soldiers’ Angels and their Project VALOUR-IT,” said Jerry Rinder, Woolrich Elite Series vice president. 

Visit http://tacticalgear.com/woolrich-elite-clothing to see the complete selection of Woolrich Elite Series products and make your purchases to help Soldiers’ Angels.

For ideas on what to buy, check out these CCW items. While 99.9% of the gear available is for men, I did find ONE item for the tactical girl: http://tacticalgear.com/womens-woolrich-elite-cargo-pants. Happy Shopping! Remember, it’s for a good cause. 😉







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