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Girls <3 Guns is written by me, GG, a 20-something Reno, Nevada resident. I am a fledgling gun-lover. My boyfriend, GB, introduced me to guns as a part of our ongoing debates. We love to talk and are currently tied debate-wise at 1-1. The debate he won was the gun one.

His winning that debate changed my life. I now have a better understanding of what it means to be an American; why the constitution is important; how the Second Amendment is old, but not out of style and more! The list of how responsible gun-ownership has changed my life goes on and on.

Speaking of gun-ownership, want to hear about my collection? Currently, it’s small, but like I said, gun-ownership has changed things, including my spending habits. I’m sure this collection will be ever-expanding. The current list includes the following firearms:

  • Walther P22
  • Mosin-Nagant 91/30
  • Marlin 795SS
  • Bersa Thunder PRO Ultra Compact 9mm

Girls <3 Guns began when I as a newbie, began researching online.  Online gun information at my level was sparse and conflicted. I documented my gun journey online as a diary of my experiences and as a guide to new shooters coming into the gun community after me. I use Girls <3 Guns to talk about the changes I go through as I explore the gun-nut world, the skills and training I learn and receive as I grow as a shooter, the politics of gun-ownership, my firearms collection and more! Hopefully my experiences as a female gun convert will help others like me on the road to becoming a responsible and armed citizen. Enjoy!

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