Shooting range hairstyles

Once you’ve decided to go to the range, have located a suitable range near you an an optional range buddy to attend with you, the only steps left (aside from actually going) are what to wear and how to do your hair. Some of you will find this step exciting! For the low maintenance readers, it sounds silly to say “what to wear” and “how to do my hair”, when we know we’re going out shooting and not to a fancy dinner. But what you wear and how you do your hair, not only impacts how you feel that day at the range, but it also impacts how well you shoot.

You have what can be used as a deadly weapon or shot accidentally to the injury of yourself or another person in your hand. Being comfortable and safe is an important part of the range trip. If your clothes or hair present a hazard by exposing you to hot brass or obstructing your view, you will not have a good time and you will be a danger to yourself and those around you.

That said, below are some hairstyles that keep your hair from interfering with your eye and ear protection and keep your hair from getting in your way as you shoot and reload your firearm. They’re also cute! Just because you’re going to the range, you don’t have to look frumpy if you don’t want to.

1. The most common range hairstyle is the ponytail:

Photo credit: StarMama

If you decide to go with the ponytail as your range hairdo, be sure to create the ponytail at the appropriate height on your head that it easily can be threaded through the opening in the back of your baseball cap or low enough to sit below the base of your hat, should you decide to wear one. I recommend wearing hats to the range to protect our hair from the gasses given off in the shooting process. The ponytail is perhaps the quickest and easiest range-friendly hairstyle. Even those of us with short hair can pull off a range ponytail.

Photo credit: Quotable Kidney

Need to grow out your hair an inch or two before attempting a full ponytail? Some short-haired women can pull off wearing spiky little low-down pigtails. I recommend this for shorter hair lengths and not long ones as with long hair the pigtails will have a tendency to sweep over your shoulders and into the blast zone of shooting debris. Longer tails might also get in the way when you’re shooting and reloading and may be too hot on your neck at outdoor ranges. You can also try a half ponytail if your hair is too short to pull off a full ponytail.

Half or full pony- you can get as fancy with your ponytail as you want: braiding it, putting it into a pixie flip or twisting it are all cute options for the range and practical too as they will still keep your hair out of your face while you shoot.

Photo credit: michiexile

2. A french braid and other types of braids would also work nicely at the range:

First up is an inverted french braid. It keeps long hair neatly tied back and out of your face, allowing you to shoot your best at the range and protecting your gorgeous locks from the harsh environment a shooting range can be.

Photo credit: Sara Pettersson

With time and patience, you can transform your braid into an updo that would tuck nicely under your range hat. Taking your hat off for the ride home would leave you with a stylish head rather than with the dreaded hat hair!

Photo credit: littledebbie11

3. If your hair isn’t so thick that a hat wouldn’t fit over a twist, the french twist would be a great range hairstyle.

Photo credit: iluvrhinestones

If you decide the french twist is for you, use clips, combs or pins that will be comfortable against your head and easy to put a hat over.

4. Buns are also great range hair updos:

Make sure when putting your bun into place that it sits at the right spot on the back of your head to easily be fed through the hole in the back of your baseball cap. If you have thick hair, you may have to thread a ponytail through the cap and assemble the bun on the outside of the hat.

Photo credit: Jinx

Buns can be neatly, tightly formed as if you were going into the office, or they can be messy or loose. The loose bun above will be very comfortable at the range and the messy bun below will keep your hair out of your face while showing some spunk too.

Photo credit: iluvrhinestones

5. Go short! If you’re a wash and wear it girl with a short cut, this range hairdo is for you: shower, dry off, shove a hat on it! Want to get fancy with short hair? It’s possible too.

This pixie cut would adorn the edges of a cap, framing the face– cute!

Photo credit: emmajane

This style is an example of how you can really go all out with a short cut. The top of the cut will be hidden by the range hat, if you’re wearing one, but the bangs in the front will peek out from the hat brim and the back of the hair will still be plainly visible. There’s something awesome about a spiky-haired woman handling a gun at the shooting range.

Photo credit: theritters

Photo credit: theritters

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