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  • Alarms and whistles are not an effective way for women to stop or prevent an attack against them. The reason for this is that too much is left to chance: A woman who blows a whistle is gambling on the hope that not only someone will hear her whistle, but then also come to rescue her. Those risks are too great when a woman’s life is on the line. Furthermore, in the time it takes to actually sound an alarm or blow the whistle, the course of the attack may already be decided.
  • I've discovered that one of my co-workers carries a rape whistle. (no, not by attempted rape, you pervert.) I seriously doubt the effectiveness of such a device, but being evidence driven instead of hunch driven, I am going to set out to prove it one way or the other. Journey with me this weekend as I interview a few officers, do internet research, and buy a whistle and blow it in random places to see if anyone comes out to call me an asshole.

“Gun-Free-Zone” UNR Experiences Drive-by Shooting

University and Reno Police Officers were dispatched at 3:37 A.M. Friday August 19, 2011 to a reported shooting on North Virginia at Artemesia Street. The victim reported that he was shot while walking on Virginia Street in the area. At this time we do not have any information on suspect(s). If you have any information on this crime, please contact the Reno Police at 775-334-2115 or University Police at 775-784-4013.

University Police Services also wants to take this time to remind you of the following safety tips:

o Make personal safety your number one priority. Awareness, Avoidance and Risk Reduction is the best way to not be a victim.
o Travel in groups of two or more and always travel in well-lit, heavily traveled areas.
o Tell someone where you are going and when you will return.
o Carry a whistle or noise maker. This can serve as a reminder to exercise caution, and can alert someone in the area that you need help.
o Be alert! Look around you; be aware of who is on the street and in the area. Make it difficult for anyone to take you by surprise.
o If listening to music, keep the volume low so you can hear what is going on around you.
o If you know you are going to be working late, plan ahead as to how you will get home safely.

This message is being sent in compliance with the timely warning provision of Title II of Public Law 101-542 34, CFR 668.46 (e), the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act.

Adam Garcia
University of Nevada, Reno
Police Services
1664 N. Virginia St.
Reno, NV  89557-0250
(775) 784-4013 PH
(775) 784-1695 FX


Thrift Store Find: Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster

Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster. Photo courtesty of Bianchi.

My husband plays videogames. I like video games in moderation, when they don’t interfere with life. But that’s not how GB rolls. When he plays, he plays. The game is his whole world and to hell with any and all interruptions, including me. I don’t like being ignored (what woman does?), so I head out shopping when GB plays. I like to shop! 🙂

I’m on a budget, so I browse through our local thrift store for cheap kicks while GB plays. I found a a great cheap thrill at our local Savers. I found a Bianchi Model X15 leather shoulder holster in size 1. Score!
I brought the holster home and checked the Bianchi size chart. It is the correct size for my Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 38 although I find the draw a bit stiff. My Bersa Thunder .380 UC was no where to be found on the Bianchi size chart, but I find it does fit into this holster as well. It also has a stiff draw.
I love that the X15 has a stiff belt snap to help keep the gun flush against my body. I haven’t carried with it yet. I’ve only worn it around the thrift store– haha– and around the house. We’ll see if I like it. I’m holster picky.

Appleseed at Gun Blogger Rendezvous!

HawkHavn of Appleseed has agreed to send Gun Blogger Rendezvous FREE APPLESEED gift certificates. We will be passing them out to all of those who have registered to attend GBR at the Saturday night shin dig. Whoohoo! HawkHavn will also be sending free targets (who doesn’t love free targets?) as well as Appleseed brochures and business cards. I hope every GBR blogger uses this opportunity to learn about RWVA and its Appleseed program and to attend a free Appleseed shoot. These shoots are amazing.


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Gun Safety

On Tuesday night, a couple of over 18 but still teens came over to my home. One, I had met previously, the other I was not familiar with. They talked to my husband about a video game we both play (World of Warcraft). Then, we got on the subject of guns. The guy I hadn’t met before this said that he grew up arond them and was saving up to buy an XD. My hubby offered to show off his XD. My hubby cleared the gun and handed it to his new gun friend. This person didn’t check the gun to make sure it was empty and he stuck his trigger finger inside the trigger guard while pointing the handgun at my neighbor’s front door.

I stepped in to give him a quick safety lesson. I began with how to check the weapon to make sure it was unloaded. He interrupted me and said he knew all of this. I explained that I was reviewing with him basic safety principles like checking to see if the gun is empty before handling it, keeping your trigger finger off of the trigger and pointing the handgun in a safe direction because I didn’t see him doing those things. The big one for me was that he put his finger inside the trigger guard on a gun he didn’t know wouldn’t fire. He seemed put out that I thought he needed a lesson in safety.

I’m a little bent inside that I embarassed the kid, that I may have been too hard on him. Probably nothing would have happend. But I did what I felt was necessary. Even if you “grew up around guns,” if you don’t follow basic safety principles, bad things can happen to you. Just that morning a gentleman in Arizona shot himself in the penis because he didn’t follow basic safety principles. I’m not gonna have that sort of blood and gore in my house if I can help it.

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Books, Guns, Interesting Phone Conversations

Last week, my husband and I went to a local bookstore’s going out of business sale. We both love to read and we’re both on tight budgets, so we thought this might be an opportunity to pick up something we’d like to have at a good price. I went to the gun section and drooled over their gunsmithing books. They also had a picture books of guns meant for when you’re watching TV and you wanna know what kind of gun the villan is holding. 🙂 I didn’t get the picture book or the gunsmithing books because, even at sale prices, they were beyond my financial reach. But a few other people in the store got something they weren’t expecting when they headed out book shopping that day. They got to overhear a quite interesting gun-related conversation. Here are a few snippets from GB, who talking to friend on his cell phone as he shopped:

“So how long before you have a fully automatic weapon in your hands?”

“Damn the government!”

“So you’re not going to make the Rendevous next month?

“They’re charging how much for a crate of ammo? Dang! We could take over a small island country with ammo stores like that.”

Judging from the long flowing skirts, dreadlocks, footwear and the looks on the faces of our fellow shoppers, they were not expecting to hear this kind of talk in this bookstore. A couple people giggled, most tried really hard to not look interested in GB’s conversation. Later I asked him if he realized what his side of that conversation sounded like to ears who didn’t understand the context of his friend legally applying to own the automatic weapon, the paperwork getting lost after it was turned in, not being able to go to a blogger’s conference and buying cheap ammo legally for legally aquired rifles. I was surprised that we were able to proceed through the store’s checkout line and leave without a policeman showing up asking us about GB’s terrifying phone conversation.

Gotta love Reno.


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  • Before July 1, 2001, applicants had to prove why they needed to carry a gun for protection. Since then, any nominally sane adult without a felony record qualifies.
    During the debate, opponents of the change warned of gun-toting, trigger-happy citizens loose on the streets.
    But violent crimes have been rare among carrying a concealed weapon license holders. Only 2% of license holders have been sanctioned for any kind of misbehavior, State Police records show.
  • Catherine Kauffelt is a freak of nature.
    She shows up at national rifle competitions, often with precious little practice, and shoots very, very well.
    Case in point: At the recent National Prone Rifle Championships in Camp Perry, Ohio, Kauffelt — a Charleston native studying at the University of California — shot some pretty sporty scores.
  • Things you know if you have a MAS-36:
    It was last cleaned somewhere in the jungles of Viet Nam.

    5 rounds in the magazine, no more.

    Safety? Don't need a safety.

    Your rifle does have a sling as a matter of fact.

    Your bayonet is stowed in a tube under the barrel.

    Your rifle is acceptable at typical combat ranges.

    When out of ammo, you just reverse the bayonet under the barrel.

    Recoil is easy to deal with.

    Your sights are fixed.

    You rifle has fought against the various Third World guerrilla movements in a vain effort to preserve your colonial empire and ultimately lost.

    Your rifle didn't win anything.

    You paid $200.

    You buy French surplus ammo that they never used.

    Your bayonet is good for sticking things and that's about it.

    Service life, 25 years or so.

    You look down your nose at people that deride the 7.5×55 French catridge.

    Your rifle never breaks because no one fired it.

    You consider it a badge of honor to actually fire your rifle.

  • Smyrna, GA (August 3, 2011) – GLOCK, Inc has announced they will be joining forces with Gunsite Academy to host a week-long, limited seating “GLOCK 25th Anniversary 250 Class.” The class, which is being held in celebration of GLOCK’s 25th Anniversary in the United States, will take place on the Gunsite Ranch, in the high Sonoran Desert, on Oct. 10-14, 2011.
    During the “all GLOCK week” at Gunsite, shooters will participate in standard Gunsite tactical curriculum with the focus solely on training with a GLOCK pistol.
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  • It's time to make plans for the guns you are taking with you to Reno, and if you don't have experience traveling by air with firearms, you need to do your research. Firearms can travel with you in your checked baggage, and they will be inspected by both the airline personnel and the TSA. Your guns must be packed in a hard sided case that locks, and only you can have the combination or keys to the locks. Your carry on bags cannot have any firearms, parts (such as magazines), or ammo. Ammunition has to go in your checked bags, and it must be in suitable packaging. You must declare your firearms when you arrive at the baggage check in counter, and please practice ahead of time saying that you "Have firearms to declare in your checked bags." Do not be cavalier or try to be funny by being less than businesslike. The person checking you in may not be familiar with the process, so study the TSA rules and the airline rules before you go. You probably will find that the person(s) check

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  • The purchase of a RWVA membership of any level prior to Nov 30, 2011 in conjunction with paying to attend a two day Appleseed event entitles you to a Rifleman Opportunity Card (ROC). Please purchase your RWVA membership here.

    What is a ROC? It is a card that allows you to participate in the Appleseed program free until your membership card expires or until you shoot a Rifleman's score.