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Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

No More League of Lethal Ladies

I received an email from Jenny Teague of the League of Lethal Ladies letting me know that the league has died. The email included a lot of useful information, so I’m posting it here for you all to see. I only went to one LLL after work shooting event, but I had a lot of fun there. I got the opportunity to try things I wouldn’t have otherwise, such as shooting at a playing card, bowling pins, or clay pigeons. Anyway… on with the email:

This is just a note to everyone that the League of Lethal Ladies has been officially disbanded as an organization with the State of Nevada. That just means we no longer are recognized by the state as a non-profit organization. That doesn’t mean you can’t get together to shoot or meet monthly if you want. In fact, I highly encourage those of you who have got together for shoots to keep doing so. This is the most current email listing of everyone in the organization. Feel free to try and set up shooting dates still. Also, if you are interested in other organizations to join and shoot at, I highly recommend Stillwater Firearms Association in Fallon and Western Nevada Pistol League in Reno.  If you join Stillwater, please tell Elynda Long, their president, I sent you. She’ll see to it you get the VIP treatment because they love having ladies join there. Thank you to everyone who helped out with the League, whether with paperwork and organization, hosting League nights, or just attending League Nights and shoots. It was a fun run while it lasted.

The website and facebook page will be removed soon, but here’s some links from there. If you enjoy posts on shooting and safety, you can always sign up to like the facebook pages of The Women’s Shooting Academy or Women’s Safety Academy to get Vicki’s up to date info on classes, tips, and newsletters, or The Gunslinging Housewife for my product reviews, tips, crafts and recipes.

Thank you to Vicki for originally collecting a list of students who wanted to get together and shoot more. Without her originally, there never would have been a League. Even though there is no more League, doesn’t mean to say you’re not all Leathal Ladies. You all shoot. You all won’t put up with garbage. You are all amazing!

Finally, here’s some shooting resources for you to continue your love of the sport:

Washoe County Shooting Facility
21555 Pyramid Way, Reno, NV (775) 475-2991

City of Carson Rifle and Pistol Range
4000 Flint Dr, Carson City, NV (775) 887-2262
Capital City Gun Club – Carson City, NV
3590 Arrowhead Drive, Carson City, NV (775) 882-9904

Sage Hill Clay Sports – Reno, NV
7370 Desert Way, Reno, NV(775) 851-1123

Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
Derby Dam
Hwy 80 off exit 36 Derby Dam

Congested Area Maps
Interactive Congested Area Map
Washoe County Sheriff’s Department Congested Area Map
Stillwater Firearms Association
A Nevada non profit organization dedicated to promoting public interest and skill in the use of small guns and firearms; providing proper training and education in the use of firearms; promoting public interest and skill in the sport of target shooting; and promoting healthy and social recreation for the members of the organization as well as for the public at large.
Western Nevada Pistol League
A practical pistol shooting club featuring USPSA, IDPA, and Steel Challenge matches.
Palomino Valley Gun Club
Supporting competitive rifle endeavors and promoting firearms marksmanship and safety.
International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA)
United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA)
International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts (ICORE)

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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

2011 Nevada 4-H Shooting Sports Leader Training & Certification

The 2011 Nevada 4-H Shooting Sports Leader Training & Certification Spring Class is coming up! It will be held April 8th and 9th in Gardnerville, Nevada. If you’re local to Nevada, love shooting sports, are a responsible gun enthusiast and want to share your enthusiam and good, safe example of gun useage with youth in your community, please consider attending this training and becoming a 4-H Shooting Sports Volunteer. To view the flyer and registration form, click here. Sorry for the short notice, but the registration deadline for this training is March 25th, 2011!

For more information on this training or University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s 4-H Shooting Sports program, please see the Nevada 4-H Facebook page or contact your local University of Nevada Cooperative Extension office.

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Friday, March 18th, 2011

Nevada Campus Protection Act: SB231

Share your opinion on it. NOW, please. :)

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Thursday, March 10th, 2011

People of the Gun

A tribe of firearm owners and bloggers; just ordinary Americans, many of them your friends and neighbors. We believe in and practice the constitutional and natural right to protect our families, ourselves, and our homes.

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Thursday, December 16th, 2010


Last night, a friend of GB’s drove in for a visit. They haven’t seen each other in about a year and they’ve missed each other a lot. They stayed up late last night, talking and catching up. I couldn’t stay up with them because I had to get up early this morning, so I headed up to bed around 10 p.m. Before I turned in, I gave the guys a run-down of my guns so they could take them to the range with them tomorrow.

The Bersa’s out of the safe, there’s a box of mag for it in the mag dresser upstairs. The Walther, Marlin and Mosin are all in the safe. Ammo for those are upstairs as well. I only have one mag for the Bersa. Extra mags for the Walther are in its box with it. The Marlin’s extra mags are in my range bag. I figured if they’re going and I can’t, they might as well take mine with them. The more guns to shoot the better, right? I told them all goodnight and went to lay out my clothes for the next day when, GB hollered at me. “Honey!”

GB called me back from the bedroom to prove to his friend that although I just gave a run down of my collection and sounded like I’ve been a gun girl all of my life, that in fact I wasn’t gun-gung-ho until I met GB and even then he had to work me up to it first. He said to his friend, “Before she didn’t like guns, now she knows more about guns than I do.”

Aww. That’s so sweet. My baby’s bragging on me. :)

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Saturday, December 4th, 2010

“Concealed Weapons On Campus: The Concept Of Armed Students”

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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

National Get Off The Couch Day…

… was yesterday. I did celebrate it myself and encouraged you to do so on my Twitter account @girlsloveguns, but I didn’t post anything here about it. I know, I’m a slacker! In the spirit of “better late than never,” here’s a graphic provided by Eaglescouter:

Someone remind me next year to post this ON the correct day, and not on the day after it, okay? :D

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Friday, August 27th, 2010

#FollowFriday @armsnfarms

I want to recognize armsnfarms this week because on Saturday and Sunday, she attended an Appleseed event which she hosted! Thank you for all of your hard work, armsnfarms, to make this shoot happen for you and your community. I hope you had fun and shot well.

Here are a couple of pictures from her shoot:



Armsnfarms has also been using the Twitter hashtag for Appleseed, #appleseed, which is helping us to get the word about about www.appleseedinfo.org. Her seventh stepping is very valuable and appreciated.

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Friday, July 30th, 2010

New Rifleman Gear

To attend an Appleseed, you need gear. There is a list of suggested gear, but the only five mandatory items are: rifle, ammo, hearing protection, eye protection and a teachable attitude. Appleseed attendees add to that list as they gain experience: sunscreen, lawn chairs, tent stakes to hold down shooting mats, etc. But there’s one item I have not seen on any official or unofficial Appleseed gear list: headphones.

Why headphones? Well it’s true, you won’t use them out on the range shooting at your Appleseed shoot. But your Appleseed training doesn’t stop when you leave the range after Sunday benediction. One very important step, the seventh step, is done mostly outside of Appleseed range grounds and it involves fellowshipping others to and keeping yourself active, updated and interested in the Appleseed way of life. One way you can work on your seventh stepping is by listening to Appleseed Radio.

It’s a long show; to listen to it properly, you need gear. At the very least, Appleseed Radio listeners should have a comfortable, dedicated Appleseed chair. We’ve heard of Dedicated Appleseed Ranges (DAR), now I’m declaring that there is such thing as a Dedicated Appleseed Chair (DAC). Get one. I have one. Once you have assumed your position in your DAC, you need a way to listen to Appleseed Radio. For me, I use my iPhone coupled with my new DAH, or Dedicated Appleseed Headphones.

Here’s a lovely slideshow of my new rifleman gear. When you see gglovesguns logged in on BlogTalk Radio during an Appleseed Radio broadcast, you’ll know the gear behind the name.

Note: The plugin I used to put the pictures in this post, disables comments. I’m trying to fix it right now. Check back later to see the headphones pictures. :) Sorry for the trouble!

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