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Gardenerville Appleseed Shoot: May 28-29, 2011

The annual May Gardenerville Appleseed Shoot is coming right up Northern Nevada gun enthusiasts! I’ve gone to the last two Gardnerville Shoots and have learned a lot and had a great time. I hope to see you there!! Here is some information about the shoot, copied from the Appleseed event page: Range: Private Property  Address: […]

Armed and Safe Saves the Day

When I took my CCW class, I was in a tough spot in life. My not-so-nice ex-husband and I had recently separated and he had made some threats against me. Additionally, he left me with a lot of debt. I had a need for self-defense and no money to make that happen. I couldn’t even […]

Marlin 60/795 Accessories, Aftermarket items, Mods, etc.

Oops. I wrote this awhile back and forgot to post it. Duh! It’s still relevant though. 🙂 For Marlin owners out there… What all would your do to your Marlin rifle if you had an unlimited product line from Tacticool22 to choose from? Please comment with your answers and if you’ve seen forum postings or […]

Appleseed Memories

Tonight, I’m stressing out about final exams, presentations and papers due. One of my economics papers is on ammunition supply, demand and the business cycle. Thinking of ammo, and wishing school wasn’t such a time-sucker in my life right now and that I could focus on more things ammo related, lead me down a reminiscent […]

AAR: Sunday October 31st Gardnerville Appleseed

It’s better late than never… right? I got a bit behind on the internet world, but I’m trying to catch up so here goes! Sunday I got  out the door to drive down to Gardnerville a little more smoothly. I felt more confident about the drive too and I arrived there before the 8:30 a.m. commencement of […]

Tacticool22 May Make Marlin Gear

The people over at Tacticool22 make some great things for the traditional Appleseed Liberty Training Rifle (LTR), the Ruger 10/22, but more and more Appleseeders are coming to the firing line on limited budgets and so are turning to the more accurate out of the box Marlin 795. This rifle is cheaper and can be […]

Trunk or Treat Shooting Booth After Action Report

Saturday night after Appleseed, I flew into my driveway, ran to the house and got cracking! I showered, costumed and gathered up shooting booth supplies. GB drove us to the church building while I brushed my hair– haha. We arrived just in time. I began setting up my booth in earnest while everyone mingled (See […]

Gardnerville, NV Appleseed Shoot: Saturday After Action Report

Six a.m. came early on Saturday. I rolled out of bed, showered, dressed and threw the gear in the car that I kept inside overnight: my lunch and the rifles. After programming the Gardnerville DAR (dedicated Appleseed range) into my phone and reviewing the directions, I was all set to go! I was a bit […]