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Safe Shot Stuff

After I got home from completing my addon at the Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility under the direction of Armed and Safe on Saturday afternoon, Gary from Safe Shot called me. He heard I was in earlier in the day and that I had a complaint about the steep pricing and addon drama. I didn’t […]

Some observations from my CCW addon range trip

Armed and Safe does business right. I am more comfortable shooting the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard revolver than I am my Bersa Thunder 9, even with more difficult to use sights and a crazy trigger-pull. because the revolver fits my hands. I didn’t feel as grungy after shooting a revolver than I do after shooting semi-autos. […]

I took my CCW class, without GB.

The decision to take the course was a long and hard one. Question after question ran through my mind. Was I ready? Would I be causing too much drama with my boyfriend GB? Do I really want to use GB’s Bersa Thunder .380 as my carry gun? Or should I wait to take my permit […]