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Armed and Safe Saves the Day

When I took my CCW class, I was in a tough spot in life. My not-so-nice ex-husband and I had recently separated and he had made some threats against me. Additionally, he left me with a lot of debt. I had a need for self-defense and no money to make that happen. I couldn’t even […]


Last night, a friend of GB’s drove in for a visit. They haven’t seen each other in about a year and they’ve missed each other a lot. They stayed up late last night, talking and catching up. I couldn’t stay up with them because I had to get up early this morning, so I headed […]

So you want to buy your girl a gun for Christmas…

My blog has been receiving a lot of hits from people Googling for information about which concealed carry gun to buy their girl for Christmas. The correct answer is: DO NOT BUY YOUR GIRL A CONCEALED CARRY GUN FOR CHRISTMAS!!!! Don’t buy her any guns for Christmas. No plinkster .22 handguns, no rifles, no shotguns, […]

Concealed Carry Cover Garment

Once a week after work GB and I go grocery shopping. I can’t  conceal carry to work due to their anti-gun policies, so before we head out the door for shopping, I take a minute to strap on my gun. Frequently my work outfit won’t accommodate concealed carrying. Here’s an example of that. In the first […]

Is it bad to use a wrong holster for a gun?

Someone Googled that question and Google sent them on to me; my WordPress Dashboard tells me these things. As a result of my experiences yesterday, I now know the answer to that person’s question. As a bit of background, I’ve been trying to find comfortable concealed carry holsters that work with nice outfits. I don’t […]

Bersa Thunder 9 UC Introductory Video

This video shows the locations of the mag release, take down lever, ambidextrous safety and ambidextrous slide release. Also pictured is a look down the sights of the gun. This is a simple video meant to answer the questions of “where is that button?” and “how good are the sights on this thing?”

Visiting Teaching: Gun Girl Style

In my church, we have a program called visiting teaching where the women of the church are each assigned other women to mentor, teach and just be there for. My visiting teacher came over tonight with a gospel message, but we ended up talking more about guns than anything else. It turns out that if […]