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“Campus Safety Alert”

Below is a “Campus Safety Alert” issued by Adam Garcia, the Director of Police Services at UNR. The incidents described below are just two examples of why I feel uncomfortable visiting the UNR campus as an unarmed female. University Police Services and the Reno Police Department have received two separate reports of suspicious incidents. On […]

Woman Raped on UNR Campus Testifies at Campus Gun Bill Hearing March 18, 2011

If Nevada’s colleges and universities allowed concealed weapon permit holders to carry guns on campus it might have prevented two rapes and a murder, a sexual assault survivor told state lawmakers Friday. During emotional testimony before the Senate Government Affairs Committee Amanda Collins, 25, testified for Senate Bill 231, which would eliminate a restriction that […]

Costco is a target-rich environment: No lawful concealed or open carry welcome

I knew Costco wasn’t gun-friendly in its policies. I’ve heard stories on various forums that Costco doesn’t like open carry or concealed carry. But even though I knew that Costco is anti-gun, this sign appeared at the entrance of my local Costco recently and it felt like a smack in the face to see it. […]

Campus Crime

I received the below email in my student email box today. It is about an assault that occurred last night at my local community college. I attended classes last night, I was in the same parking lot as the victim was at the same time she was. This could have been me. Nevada needs campus […]

Guns and Garbage

Last week after class, I got to chatting with my professor. He has a couple of .22s and is interested in taking some classes on firearm safety. He remembers lessons his father taught him learning to shoot as a kid. He doesn’t feel too strongly either way about the 2nd amendment and doesn’t begrudge area […]