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Davidson’s Gun Genie

What is it like to purchase a gun online through Gun Genie? In an earlier post (http://girlsloveguns.posterous.com/ordering-on-gun-genie), I talked about the mechanics of ordering from Davidson using their Gun Genie program. Now I want to talk about the customer service and logistics of ordering through them. In short, if you have time and a good […]

Email Customer Service

I’ve been shopping around for a .22 rifle to take to Appleseed later this month. I settled on a Marlin 795 SS which I decided to purchase through Gun Genie. Gun Genie showed many retailers near me from whom I could order and I recognized a few of them: Weaver, Safe Shot, US Firearms Academy […]

Ordering on Gun Genie

On the website www.galleryofguns.com, you can see everything Davidson’s has for sale. Pics, specs, etc. are all available for each item. Through Gun Genie, you can order from Davidson’s all of the beautiful things you see for sale on their site. Here’s how: 1. Go to www.galleryofguns.com. 2. Click on Gun Genie. 3. Enter the […]