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I have a concealed-carry-loving groupie!!

I want to write a quick shout-out to a fellow blogger, Lokidude. He writes Redneck Command and reads Tractor Tracks. Tractor Tracks recently wrote about how frustrating it can be as a female trying to conceal carry without looking frumpy, butch or pregnant. She writes: ” Let’s face it, if you’re a man, you can […]

Concealed Carry Cover Garment

Once a week after work GB and I go grocery shopping. I can’t  conceal carry to work due to their anti-gun policies, so before we head out the door for shopping, I take a minute to strap on my gun. Frequently my work outfit won’t accommodate concealed carrying. Here’s an example of that. In the first […]

Discreet Carry: New Holster & Cyber Monday FREE Shipping

Pepper of Discreet Carry sent me the following email: “We have listed a new holster design on eBay to test the water. It is made for women who engage in strenuous activity requiring a very stable fit, and guns with a little more weight. This may be a step up from the cleavage for bigger […]

Appleseed Memories

Tonight, I’m stressing out about final exams, presentations and papers due. One of my economics papers is on ammunition supply, demand and the business cycle. Thinking of ammo, and wishing school wasn’t such a time-sucker in my life right now and that I could focus on more things ammo related, lead me down a reminiscent […]

Guns, gender and titles: Is it Marksman or Markswoman? Rifleman or Riflewoman?

Dan Hall, founder of GunUp.com emailed me and asked me a question that’s got my head spinning. He asked how do female shooters feel about being called Marksmen. I don’t know. I’ve never thought of it before. (Maybe that’s my answer?) I’ve been so busy learning how to use a sling on my rifle, how […]

GG may or may not have an evil twin

On Twitter today, I noticed someone Tweeting about her new article: Hairstyles for the Gun Range. It’s similar to my Shooting Range Hairstyles article that I published as a page and as a blog entry back in October and about which NRA News interviewed me. The article is even signed with my initials: GG! It […]

Discreet Carry Ingenuity: Pepper Spray in Cleavage Holster

I checked my email this week and found an interesting message from Pepper over at Discreet Carry. It really hit home with me because this last week, a student at TMCC reported being assaulted at the same time I get out of class and in the same parking lot where I happened to park that […]

Heart racing dinner

Dad drove down to visit me and he brought his girlfriend with him. This was the first time I’ve met her and I found her sweet, witty, all-around awesome. One highlight of their visit was the following situation. We went out to eat at a local restaurant. We sat where we could watch the comings […]

Tactical Pants

TacticalPants.com allowed me to pick any pair of tactical pants off of their website for FREE. How exciting! And at first it was. Their website had plenty of choices… different inseams: finished or unfinished; different rises: higher or lower; even different fits: loose throughout or more formfitting. Plus, the female staff of the site had […]