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“Campus Safety Alert”

Below is a “Campus Safety Alert” issued by Adam Garcia, the Director of Police Services at UNR. The incidents described below are just two examples of why I feel uncomfortable visiting the UNR campus as an unarmed female. University Police Services and the Reno Police Department have received two separate reports of suspicious incidents. On […]

Suit to Void NY’s “Good Cause” Carry Permit Requirement

SAF SUES IN NEW YORK TO VOID ‘GOOD CAUSE’ CARRY PERMIT REQUIREMENT BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation has filed a federal lawsuit against Westchester County, New York and its handgun permit licensing officers, seeking a permanent injunction against enforcement of a state law that allows carry licenses to be denied because applicants cannot […]

guns: There’s an App for That

There’s an App for That Police to allow gun users renew licences with iPhone app | Telegraph — [A police force plans to allow gun owners to apply to update their firearms licences using an application on Apple’s iPhone.] ‘course, it does note that “The applicant would then be visited by officers in person”–but on […]

Editorial – The Court, the Constitution and the Reality of Guns – NYTimes.com

Editorial The Court: Ignoring the Reality of Guns Published: June 28, 2010 About 10,000 Americans died by handgun violence, according to federal statistics, in the four months that the Supreme Court debated which clause of the Constitution it would use to subvert Chicago’s entirely sensible ban on handgun ownership. The arguments that led to Monday’s […]