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Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Davidson’s Gun Genie

What is it like to purchase a gun online through Gun Genie?

In an earlier post (http://girlsloveguns.posterous.com/ordering-on-gun-genie), I talked about the mechanics of ordering from Davidson using their Gun Genie program. Now I want to talk about the customer service and logistics of ordering through them. In short, if you have time and a good FFL to
receive the Gun Genie order from Davidson’s for you, it’s awesome.

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Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Email Customer Service

I’ve been shopping around for a .22 rifle to take to Appleseed later this month. I settled on a Marlin 795 SS which I decided to purchase through Gun Genie. Gun Genie showed many retailers near me from whom I could order and I recognized a few of them: Weaver, Safe Shot, US Firearms Academy and Maccabbee. There is little consistency in the Gun Genie quotes with regard to the Brady fee, so I decided to email these local shops and ask them if the Brady fee was included in the price or not. Also, Weaver (with whom I haven’t shopped before) was cheaper than Safe Shot (at whose range I shot my first gun and at whose store I purchased my first gun). I emailed Safe Shot to give them the opportunity to price-match Weaver since they were my first, I’d like to keep my business with them as a reward. 

Here are the results of my emails:

Weaver- responded via email right away (25 minutes)! No, the fee is not included in the quote.

Safe Shot- responded mid-morning the next day. Didn’t answer the fee question or the price-match question. 

US Firearms Academy- email bounced.

Maccabbee- two days later, still waiting on a response. I understand they are a very small seller, but two days is a long wait in internet-time.

I ended up ordering with Weaver, simply because his email didn’t bounce and he responded quicker and completely to my email. I was bordering on ordering with Safe Shot, even with the higher price, but the lame one-sentence email reply really burst my Safe Shot bubble. I hope this purchase goes smoothly as my first Gun Genie and first Weaver purchase. 

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Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Ordering on Gun Genie

On the website www.galleryofguns.com, you can see everything Davidson’s has for sale. Pics, specs, etc. are all available for each item. Through Gun Genie, you can order from Davidson’s all of the beautiful things you see for sale on their site. Here’s how:

2. Click on Gun Genie.
3. Enter the search details for the gun you want to purchase. 
4. Enter your zip code. 
5. Hit submit.

The search results for your gun will display. Chose the one you want to buy to view its pics and specs. Still interested? Hit the “Instant Quote” button.

IMPORTANT: Gun Genie by default displays only three results near your zip code. If your area is like mine, many, many other retailers (including some with lower prices) will not be displayed. Adjust the viewing results to display additional local retailers by expanding the radius. I expanded mine out to 100 miles, got three pages of results and only one retailer was actually too far away for me. I highly recommend exploring the radius options to make sure you do not miss out on the opportunity to order from some great local shops.

Ready to buy?

1. Hit Accept Quote.
2. Fill in your name, rank and serial number. Hit Continue
3. Fill in your payment information for a small deposit. Hit Continue.
4. Print your confirmation page.

Any firearm you order from Davidson’s comes with Davidson’s lifetime replacement warranty, even if the gun manufacturer doesn’t offer a warranty. Here’s a link to their warranty information: https://www.galleryofguns.com/about/default.aspx?pg=terms. For more information on ordering a gun using Gun Genie, see Davidson’s how-to page: https://www.galleryofguns.com/Genie/instructions.aspx

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