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“Campus Safety Alert”

Below is a “Campus Safety Alert” issued by Adam Garcia, the Director of Police Services at UNR. The incidents described below are just two examples of why I feel uncomfortable visiting the UNR campus as an unarmed female. University Police Services and the Reno Police Department have received two separate reports of suspicious incidents. On […]

Good news everyone

The Appleseed-shoot-neglecting, can’t-afford-ammo, no-new-guns-for-me stretch of life in the GG household seems to be soon coming to an end. GB got a job!!! A good one too with a nice pay rate and health insurance. I’m proud of my honey. Final exams are tomorrow. Between being done with summer semester and having two stable incomes […]

No More League of Lethal Ladies

I received an email from Jenny Teague of the League of Lethal Ladies letting me know that the league has died. The email included a lot of useful information, so I’m posting it here for you all to see. I only went to one LLL after work shooting event, but I had a lot of […]

Guns and Job Loss

My hubby lost his job. We are creatively making ends meet at the moment, but we can’t maintain our current lifestyle if he doesn’t find another job in the next month or so. If he doesn’t (and he is working his rear end off to make sure this doesn’t happen), our plan is to move […]

Gardenerville Appleseed Shoot: May 28-29, 2011

The annual May Gardenerville Appleseed Shoot is coming right up Northern Nevada gun enthusiasts! I’ve gone to the last two Gardnerville Shoots and have learned a lot and had a great time. I hope to see you there!! Here is some information about the shoot, copied from the Appleseed event page: Range: Private Property  Address: […]