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New Gun Purchase

On Friday, I received my tax return money. I took my car down and had some routing maintenance done with the bounty, but I had a bit left over. I was thinking about paying off a credit card with it, but GB had a great idea. When we had brought the car back home and […]

Discreet Carry: New Holster & Cyber Monday FREE Shipping

Pepper of Discreet Carry sent me the following email: “We have listed a new holster design on eBay to test the water. It is made for women who engage in strenuous activity requiring a very stable fit, and guns with a little more weight. This may be a step up from the cleavage for bigger […]

Is it bad to use a wrong holster for a gun?

Someone Googled that question and Google sent them on to me; my WordPress Dashboard tells me these things. As a result of my experiences yesterday, I now know the answer to that person’s question. As a bit of background, I’ve been trying to find comfortable concealed carry holsters that work with nice outfits. I don’t […]

Holster Heaven

Pepper over at Discreet Carry has been reading my blog entries about their holsters. When she saw that I was using a makeshift support strap with the LadyBUG holster to carry a larger than the traditional Back Up Gun gun, she offered to send me another holster. It feels like Christmas. The holster she sent […]

New Sponsor: Discreet Carry

Good news everyone: Discreet Carry is a new sponsor of the Girls <3 Guns blog and the Girls <3 Guns Forum! I purchased a Cleavage Holster from their eBay store and they sent me an additional Cleavage Holster and a LadyBUG holster too! This week, Pepper over at Discreet Carry, said there will be another […]

First Public Concealed Carry!! (Wally Walk)

I received my CCW permit in the mail 60 days after I applied for it. I applied on June 18th and received it August 18th. That was a Thursday night and I didn’t have time to go out and do my Wally Walk then because I needed to clean and pack my rifle and all […]