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2011 Nevada 4-H Shooting Sports Leader Training & Certification

The 2011 Nevada 4-H Shooting Sports Leader Training & Certification Spring Class is coming up! It will be held April 8th and 9th in Gardnerville, Nevada. If you’re local to Nevada, love shooting sports, are a responsible gun enthusiast and want to share your enthusiam and good, safe example of gun useage with youth in your […]

AAR: Sunday October 31st Gardnerville Appleseed

It’s better late than never… right? I got a bit behind on the internet world, but I’m trying to catch up so here goes! Sunday I got  out the door to drive down to Gardnerville a little more smoothly. I felt more confident about the drive too and I arrived there before the 8:30 a.m. commencement of […]

Trunk or Treat Shooting Booth After Action Report

Saturday night after Appleseed, I flew into my driveway, ran to the house and got cracking! I showered, costumed and gathered up shooting booth supplies. GB drove us to the church building while I brushed my hair– haha. We arrived just in time. I began setting up my booth in earnest while everyone mingled (See […]

Gardnerville, NV Appleseed Shoot: Saturday After Action Report

Six a.m. came early on Saturday. I rolled out of bed, showered, dressed and threw the gear in the car that I kept inside overnight: my lunch and the rifles. After programming the Gardnerville DAR (dedicated Appleseed range) into my phone and reviewing the directions, I was all set to go! I was a bit […]

Trunk or Treat Shooting Booth Prep

After I had finished my Appleseed prep on Friday, I started into my Trunk or Treat Shooting Booth preparations. I had been brainstorming on and off as to how I would do an indoor shooting booth that was fun, safe, educational, realistic and offered an introduction to shooting that these kids would remember as they […]

Kids and Guns

I read a news story today which made me want to cheer. It’s about an 11 year old boy named Mason Knannlein. He stumbled across a handgun in a neighbor’s yard. According to The Blade Newspaper, the gun “had one round in its chamber, ten more bullets in its magazine and no external safety device […]