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Car Safes… How do They Work?

I want a car safe. I can carry to and from work, but not at work. Additionally, when I’m running errands, sometimes I stop by places I can’t bring my Bodyguard in with me. I have a locking glovebox, but I don’t think that’s enough. There are different kinds of car safes out there… at […]

Give me Some Tactical Action!

My 24-7 Series Lightweight Tactical Pants should make ________ easy and comfortable. (performance) Concealed carry: Concealed carry is super-awesome in these pants!!! In fact, that might not be enough exclammation points. Here’s some more: !!! The reasons why concealed carry works so well with these pants is that the 24-7 Series Lightweight Tactical Pants from TacticalPants.com are […]

My purse, the 2nd most important thing I carry (besides my gun)

I have always been cautious about the location of my purse. I learned that lesson early on. I left my first purse in a bathroom stall at a restaurant as a small child and it had $40 in birthday money cleverly tucked inside a flap on my glasses case inside of it. I didn’t have […]

Concealed Carry Cover Garment

Once a week after work GB and I go grocery shopping. I can’t  conceal carry to work due to their anti-gun policies, so before we head out the door for shopping, I take a minute to strap on my gun. Frequently my work outfit won’t accommodate concealed carrying. Here’s an example of that. In the first […]

Campus Crime

I received the below email in my student email box today. It is about an assault that occurred last night at my local community college. I attended classes last night, I was in the same parking lot as the victim was at the same time she was. This could have been me. Nevada needs campus […]

The evolution of a gun girl

A bit more than a year ago, I was planning to leave an abusive marriage. I was saving money and walking on egg shells. A friend of mine suggested I look into self-defense. We both knew the most dangerous time for a women in a domestic situation is during the process of leaving and right […]