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SFA – Candidate Surveys

A survey to allow candidates to respond to Second Amendment and Gun Legislation questions. See Candidate List, which is the list of candidates to which the SFA Survey was sent. It is NOT a complete list of all candidates for all offices in Nevada; the Nevada Secretary of State website does not list all candidates […]


I remember my dreams. Every morning, I wake up laughing at the thought  of my boyfriend driving a tiny car or panicked that maybe dreaming I was late for work made it so. My dreams tend to reflect what’s going on in my life around me, boyfriend stress, work stress. With the onset of my […]

Open Carry Jewlery

In Nevada, open carry is legal. I’ve been open carrying a lot lately, but I’ve run into one obstacle. My tops don’t stop at my waist where my gun is mounted on my hip, they’re more than a few inches longer than that. Tucked in tops do not look good on me. Oh my no […]