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Situational Awareness in Crowded Places

I don’t know about anyone else, but I read good books and watch entertaining movies to lose myself in a storyline. To shed my worries and cares, to let my feet leave the planet of my reality and head off to explore the alternate realities presented on paper and in film is liberating. I don’t […]

My purse, the 2nd most important thing I carry (besides my gun)

I have always been cautious about the location of my purse. I learned that lesson early on. I left my first purse in a bathroom stall at a restaurant as a small child and it had $40 in birthday money cleverly tucked inside a flap on my glasses case inside of it. I didn’t have […]

Discreet Carry Ingenuity: Pepper Spray in Cleavage Holster

I checked my email this week and found an interesting message from Pepper over at Discreet Carry. It really hit home with me because this last week, a student at TMCC reported being assaulted at the same time I get out of class and in the same parking lot where I happened to park that […]

Heart racing dinner

Dad drove down to visit me and he brought his girlfriend with him. This was the first time I’ve met her and I found her sweet, witty, all-around awesome. One highlight of their visit was the following situation. We went out to eat at a local restaurant. We sat where we could watch the comings […]

Campus Crime

I received the below email in my student email box today. It is about an assault that occurred last night at my local community college. I attended classes last night, I was in the same parking lot as the victim was at the same time she was. This could have been me. Nevada needs campus […]

Gospel and Guns

On Sunday after the final event of the Gun Blogger Rendezvous (Cowboy Fast Draw), I jumped in the car and sped home. Racing into the house, I flung range clothes and gear everywhere, washed up and thew on church clothes. Grabbing my Primary bag, I breathlessly kissed GB goodbye and drove towards the church meetinghouse. […]

Look at me!

On Sunday after church, GB and I went to the home of a couple in our ward to take a gospel class from them. After the class was over, we sat outside on their patio and chatted. The male instructor commented how he didn’t see me at Sacrament meeting today and how he had presumed […]

Gun-related Relationship Drama: He’s Mad at Me for Getting My CCW

My boyfriend, the man who introduced me into the magical world of preparedness and firearms, wanted me to wait to get my Nevada concealed carry weapons permit until he got his. GB’s taken eight months (and counting!) worth of sweet time getting ready to take the CCW class. I got tired of waiting for him.  I […]