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Appleseed Radio Moves to Thursday Nights

A long-time Tuesday night staple of BlogTalkRadio.com, Appleseed Radio, is moving it’s 5-7 p.m. my time show over to Thursday nights due to some heart-melting family conflict. “I have been considering moving the show to Thursday for a while now because for the last two years, on Tuesday nights Rebecca has Junior League meetings and  […]

Guns, gender and titles: Is it Marksman or Markswoman? Rifleman or Riflewoman?

Dan Hall, founder of GunUp.com emailed me and asked me a question that’s got my head spinning. He asked how do female shooters feel about being called Marksmen. I don’t know. I’ve never thought of it before. (Maybe that’s my answer?) I’ve been so busy learning how to use a sling on my rifle, how […]

Appleseed Sacramento, CA August 21st, 2010

Yay! A picture post! [SlideDeck id=’328′ width=’100%’ height=’300px’] For those who have not been to an Appleseed, these pictures don’t show the shooting that we do there. This is because when everyone else was shooting, I was too! I didn’t have many opportunities to photograph the shooting line.

How I Got Comfortable With Guns

Part II Goal: Getting me shooting. GB didn’t plan on taking me to an empty, indoor range, staffed by a female range officer for my first range experience, but it worked out that way. And I’m glad it did. The range officer was able to give us her undivided attention as I learned how to […]

Appleseed: Every Rifleman A Recruiter

The Mormons have a saying: “Every member a missionary.” The Appleseed movement should have a similar saying: “Every rifleman a recruiter.” It’s time to recruit those who are not voting, who are apathetic, lazy, disappointed and transform them into patriots who care about their country. This transformation is not made by hanging up flags and […]