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Appleseed Memories

Tonight, I’m stressing out about final exams, presentations and papers due. One of my economics papers is on ammunition supply, demand and the business cycle. Thinking of ammo, and wishing school wasn’t such a time-sucker in my life right now and that I could focus on more things ammo related, lead me down a reminiscent […]

Appleseed Sacramento, CA August 21st, 2010

Yay! A picture post! [SlideDeck id=’328′ width=’100%’ height=’300px’] For those who have not been to an Appleseed, these pictures don’t show the shooting that we do there. This is because when everyone else was shooting, I was too! I didn’t have many opportunities to photograph the shooting line.

Do you ever feel like guns are taking over your life?

My to do list looks like this: Vacuum living room, stairs and bedrooms Clean the 2 upstairs and one downstairs bathrooms Do dishes Clean the kitchen and sweep and mop the kitchen floor Go shopping at WalMart Get gas for the (borrowed) car Change the oil, wash and vacuum the (borrowed) car Brush the dog […]