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Safe Shot Stuff

After I got home from completing my addon at the Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility under the direction of Armed and Safe on Saturday afternoon, Gary from Safe Shot called me. He heard I was in earlier in the day and that I had a complaint about the steep pricing and addon drama. I didn’t […]

Armed and Safe Saves the Day

When I took my CCW class, I was in a tough spot in life. My not-so-nice ex-husband and I had recently separated and he had made some threats against me. Additionally, he left me with a lot of debt. I had a need for self-defense and no money to make that happen. I couldn’t even […]

New Gun Purchase

On Friday, I received my tax return money. I took my car down and had some routing maintenance done with the bounty, but I had a bit left over. I was thinking about paying off a credit card with it, but GB had a great idea. When we had brought the car back home and […]

Safe Shot free CCW class with handgun purchase

Just an FYI– Safe Shot Indoor Range here in Reno, Nevada is offering a free CCW class with any handgun purchase. The student still has to pay for range fees and purchase special indoor use ammunition from Safe Shot, but it’s cheaper than the course, range time and ammo all three together. Taking the class […]

How I Got Comfortable With Guns

Part II Goal: Getting me shooting. GB didn’t plan on taking me to an empty, indoor range, staffed by a female range officer for my first range experience, but it worked out that way. And I’m glad it did. The range officer was able to give us her undivided attention as I learned how to […]

Email Customer Service

I’ve been shopping around for a .22 rifle to take to Appleseed later this month. I settled on a Marlin 795 SS which I decided to purchase through Gun Genie. Gun Genie showed many retailers near me from whom I could order and I recognized a few of them: Weaver, Safe Shot, US Firearms Academy […]

Appleseed is coming to town!

The Appleseed Project, a group which holds events around the U.S. to teach people how to shoot like a rifleman, is coming to Gardnerville, a town not far from me. They’re holding a three-day event and it’s FREE for female shooters, so I registered. Here’s a link to their website if you’re interested: http://www.appleseedinfo.org/.  Now all […]

First Gun Purchase

Me and GB went to several local gun shops in preparation for my first gun purchase. We scoped out Scheels, Cabela’s, Safe Shot Indoor Range and Mark-Fore and Strike Sporting Goods looking for a 9mm Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact. We have a Bersa Thunder .380 and it fits so nicely in my hand. Plus, Bersa […]