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Visiting Teaching: Gun Girl Style

In my church, we have a program called visiting teaching where the women of the church are each assigned other women to mentor, teach and just be there for. My visiting teacher came over tonight with a gospel message, but we ended up talking more about guns than anything else. It turns out that if […]

The evolution of a gun girl

A bit more than a year ago, I was planning to leave an abusive marriage. I was saving money and walking on egg shells. A friend of mine suggested I look into self-defense. We both knew the most dangerous time for a women in a domestic situation is during the process of leaving and right […]

How I Got Comfortable With Guns

Part IV Goal: Get GG comfy with concealed carry After I qualified and applied for my CCW permit and before it got here, I realized I didn’t know how to conceal carry. I didn’t know which holsters we had were comfortable and which were uncomfortable. I didn’t know if my pants’ belt loops would work […]

Gospel and Guns

On Sunday after the final event of the Gun Blogger Rendezvous (Cowboy Fast Draw), I jumped in the car and sped home. Racing into the house, I flung range clothes and gear everywhere, washed up and thew on church clothes. Grabbing my Primary bag, I breathlessly kissed GB goodbye and drove towards the church meetinghouse. […]

Look at me!

On Sunday after church, GB and I went to the home of a couple in our ward to take a gospel class from them. After the class was over, we sat outside on their patio and chatted. The male instructor commented how he didn’t see me at Sacrament meeting today and how he had presumed […]

Gun Bloggers Rendezvous: CCW Thoughts

At the Gun Bloggers Rendezvous, my mind was on guns the entire time, obviously. I shopped for firearms at Cabela’s on our guided tour. They have a couple of cases of used handguns and I found the cutest little Kel-Tec with laser for $299. The first thing I thought of when I saw it was […]

First Public Concealed Carry!! (Wally Walk)

I received my CCW permit in the mail 60 days after I applied for it. I applied on June 18th and received it August 18th. That was a Thursday night and I didn’t have time to go out and do my Wally Walk then because I needed to clean and pack my rifle and all […]